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Team Page
Welcome to the Team Page of
Team East

Join me in my efforts to support CHaD, the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock!

Thank you for supporting CHaD, the Children's Hospital at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$25,559.70  
General Team Donation$245.00  
Ben Barba$273.00  
   David Barca$1,042.00  
   Parker Belsky$1,108.25  
   Brad Conha$606.00  
   Patrick Cullen$412.00  
   Carter Doherty$964.00  
   Ben Emerson$1,046.00  
   John Ferrelli III$216.00  
   Austin Fields$136.50  
   Jacob Filgate$625.00  
   Cam Flanagan$982.00  
   Mike Furey$244.25  
   Zac Garside$1,073.00  
   Patrick Gillis$1,796.00  
   Alex Gladu$577.00  
   Cameron Goodell$450.00  
   Jeff Greely$0.00  
   Kevin Hebert$100.00  
   Dan Hodsdon$0.00  
   Windham Jaguars$600.00  
   Mike Kelley$0.00  
   Craig Kozens$0.00  
   Aaron Lamar$179.00  
   Jim Lauzon$0.00  
   James Leblond$589.00  
   James McDonald$25.00  
   Ryan Michaud$1,636.00  
   Kevin Mills$0.00  
   Aidan Moore$125.00  
   Kevin Moore$490.20  
   Peter Navarro$102.50  
   Marcelano Kiki Oroh$145.00  
   Steven Orton$0.00  
   Vinny Panetta$640.00  
   Shon Parham$275.00  
   Christian Peete$435.00  
   Victor Pizzotti$111.25  
   Seth Provencher$5.00  
   Tim Ramsay$5,314.00  
   Rod Roy$0.00  
   Dylan Russell$25.00  
   Jon St. Hillaire$726.50  
   Jake Stevens$369.00  
   Will Stinson$25.00  
   Micah Sundman$116.25  
   Joshua Thibeault$884.00  
   Mark Tilton$0.00  
   Andy Vailas$255.00  
   Jim Vailas$0.00  
   Liam Viviano$591.00  

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